There We Are: Somewhere Between the Earth & the Sky

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

It’s been over seven weeks since I left Oregon after burying my mother, laying her body to rest where she wanted to be, and honoring the years of her life both within and outside of our own. The weeks have felt like years. So much has occurred, so much changed, transpired. But we have been hearing about the 'normality' of the increased energies infusing our planet now for quite some time–that energies, frequencies entering the earth’s and our own magnetic fields, and infusing our bodies, are shifting our consciousness faster and faster. And these frequencies are more powerful than ever–more frequent in their occurrence as they infuse the earth, our bodies, and our consciousness. It's part of the evolution in consciousness many are experiencing and addressing.

For those who are sensitive to these energetic infusions, which is really all of us, these energetic infusions and shifts both speed up the process of change and change perception as well, making the perception of change even far greater. But so too as the magnitude of these powerful energies come in, many are experiencing these energies through agitation, grief, fretfulness, anger and fear, as they succumb to the idea that the world has simply moved into danger, chaos, and everything ‘unlike’ them, everything that does not conform to their ideas of reality, which they believe keeps them safe, is somehow ‘threatening’, ‘fearful’, or just ‘plain wrong’ and to be avoided at all costs.