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Some Basic Teachings of The Mindful Heart 

  • We are all energetic Beings expressing as and through form as an aspect of the Divine.

  • We came here with the sole (Soul) purpose to learn through our human experience.

  • We create our lives with our thoughts and feelings–what you feel and focus on ls what you create.

  • All answers lie within, and we can know them through Mind-Heart Coherency.

  • Our heart is a center of feeling and discernment: It is an Intelligent Heart and allows us to live as a multi-sensory Beings–to experience Knowing beyond the five senses. 

  • We are meant to experience an abundance of Joy, Love, and Gratitude–even while we may suffer temporarily for periods of time.

  • Your feelings are indicators of how closely you are aligned with your own Truth and your Soul’s desires.

  • Emotional experiences that we call 'suffering,' 'discomfort,' are actually doorways into insight, deeper self-presence and insight.

  • You can create your Soul desires easily, effortlessly, and harmoniously when you are aligned to the energetics of your Soul, though that does not mean there will not be challenges along the way–you will simply view and experience them differently.

  • You have everything you need within you to create everything that you desire through your Soul's purpose. In fact, you are already everything you wish to be, you need only reveal yourself to yourself.

  • For the purpose of the growth of your Soul, you create everything that happens to you, consciously or unconsciously.

  • When you begin to live from a conscious, awakened place, you create in an easier loving way that supports the full expression of who and what you are and what you came here to do. 

  • Each and every one of us has come here, by our own choosing, with the desire to advance our own Soul and contribute to the conscious expansion of All That Is.


It is a great thing when information possessing a high vibration enters into our consciousness or mind and resides there as part of our thinking process. It is an extraordinary thing when we are able to receive those high vibratory thoughts and drop them down into our hearts. They become more than ideas. They become ingrained in our actual essence. Thoughts of self-love become self-love. The idea that we should love the people and creatures we share the world with is transformed into an unbridled love for our world and everyone in it. These are the energetic gifts of the Spiritual Guides who communicate to us each week through an extraordinary person, Allannah Capwell.


                                              –Austin Metze

                                         Poet, Artist, Designer

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