Allannah Capwell

Mentor. Intuitive, and Embodied Consciousness Guide

Allannah brings a vision of co-creation to her personal, spiritual and professional life, seeking to offer guidance that honors the spiritual impulse to find truth in a wholehearted commitment to the conscious evolution of the entire community, regardless of religion, background, culture or orientation. As a favorite philosopher of hers expressed–the city-state is the "soul writ' large" (Plato, The Republic). And the Mindful Heart Collective often reminds us, "What we feel, and what we perceive, is what we create."  We are the only ones–each of us–who can create and choose to live in a world characterized by connection, kindness, love, and tolerance instead of violence, greed and separation.


Alannah's aspiration  is to assist everyone as they connect with the deeper truth of who and what they are at the deepest Soul level and experience the life they are meant to live. She spent years developing and exploring practices that explore self-reflection, empathic listening, self and other dialogue–practices that engage all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit. It is her desire that each of us is able to connect on our own with the same intuitive guidance and energies as they experience as part of heir work with her and The Mindful Heart. For as she so likes to say, "We are all connected to the Divine and the love it desires to express through us."

Allannah first heard Ephraim, part of the Mindful Heart Collective, in meditation, and then began to channel in writing, and then speaking. As the connection with her guides and her spiritual journey began to ask for more room, her academic career as a professor and administrator no longer accommodated all the experiences and insights she was being guided to offer, so she stepped down from her administrative role and continued to pursue her interests in psychology and other intuitive energy modalities, balanced by weeks and months of deep reflection. Encouraged and inspired by her work with many individuals, she began offering private intuitive energy sessions and channeling for small groups and individuals.  


Allannah brings her awareness of the individual's ultimate responsibility to others through the development of one's own Soul-Self to the work she currently does, just as she did as an associate vice president for education initiatives, and as a director of an educational institute. Leading workshops around the world—in Russia, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Hungary, Lithuania, and elsewhere–she's assisted individuals and institutions in envisioning and creating new learning and teaching practices that honor the individual, the individual voice within the context of community. In one-on-one sessions and group workshops, she now introduces transformational practices that not only cultivate clarity, personal transformation, and intuitive inquiry but also help the individual and the community experience their own authenticity at the deepest levels—what she likes to call the ‘Human Dialogue’ that we all participate in.


For Allannah, there are no greater questions we can ask ourselves at this time in human evolution than “What does it mean to be human?” “Why are we here?” and “How do we truly live a deeper spiritual life grounded in a world characterized by rapid change and seemingly ongoing, frequent conflict?” 


A long time practitioner of meditation, and a participant for over 20 years in personal and spiritual transformation workshops, in 2015, Allannah's life began to radically alter after several experiences left her more open and attuned to her clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. She began to seek deeper understanding and guidance about what this meant for her and completed further work in Transpersonal and Depth Psychology, Mediumship, Akashic Record Consultation, Energy Work, and more. She also sought guidance from others who were channeling spiritual teachings and Higher or Expanded Consciousness—to help her  integrate her experiences and the insights she was being guided to.

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