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                The Mindful Heart

A Monthly Subscription Program

A Soulful Journey to Deeper Living

When you change how you feel, you change how you see. When you change how you see, you change how you act. And when you align your actions with who you truly are at the energetic soul level, you invite in the most miraculous experiences… 


                                                                       –The Mindful Heart

Often, in meditation or in ah-ha moments in our lives, we get an energetic glimpse/experience of who we feel ourselves to be—our true potential, our largest most authentic self. But for many of us, there is a distance between who we experience ourselves to be internally and who we express as in our daily lives. If you are seeking greater alignment with and greater self-expression of this deepest energetic Soul Self—that heart-felt-center of Being that radiates out beyond the body––The Mindful Heart 5 week session series offer you a space to explore and experience the transformative insight and guidance needed to realize this deeper and authentic expression yourself. 

Receive insight, energetic processes and tools, and guided breathwork to create real change in yourself, your relationships, work and daily life, and in the deeper knowing of who you are and what it is you are meant to do. Connect with––and experience––your own highest guidance to live a life of joy, knowing, abundance, and a deeper sense of self-love that beautifully transforms your relationships with others. 


As a messenger also of indigenous wisdom, Allannah also tones powerful vibrational songlines from the Council of Ancient Ones, a group of indigenous Beings who are from the 'time before' and who are supported by non-terestrial beings who have helped humans embrace the earth energies for aeons. Through these songlines, they facilitate vibrational shifts, healings, elevations in consciousness, and heart openings

The online sessions last for 60 - 70 minutes and include an opportunity for questions. Each five-week series focuses on different themes or aspects of embodying more of who and what you are and support us as we live the incredible transformation we are all undergoing.


Join other like-minded individuals around the globe who are transforming themselves to express all they are through connecting deeply with Spirit, Source, or God–however you prefer to name Divine Essence or Being. Understand and experience how unique, creative and powerful you are through the wisdom of the Collective's expanded consciousness and energetic up-lifting

Join the New Five Week Series





Total cost of series: $79.00 

What's included:

  • 5 weeks of channeled sessions.

  • Opportunity to ask questions about session material after each channeling.

  • Recordings of each session made available to you each week.

  • Vibrational songlines offered each week by The Council of Ancient Ones

Note: Channeled sessions are held online. You will receive an email the day before with a link to join at the time of the session.  The time is indicated in your time zone below.

Thursdays onlin

7:00pm Eastern

6:00pm Central

5:00pm Mountain

4:00pm Pacific

You are both the height and the depth.(1).png

Every session I experience with Allannah and The Mindful Heart Collective brings me to such a profound and knowing place where my fears, doubts, judgements, and beliefs–all the things that I desperately try to hold onto–dissolve, and I become aware of my connectedness to everyone  everywhere... I am so grateful for this help, this deeper knowing, in these extremely challenging times we are living in.    – L. Perowne

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​The Collective offers me a chance to challenge myself, face my fears, feel the joys and love in this world–through my heart, through a higher source. They are helping me to draw my attention to the positive in my life, and because of that, I feel a profound, yet gentle shifting in my life that is so positive. It is very beautiful.  

         ––D. Attebury                                                                                                                                            

The perspective offered by the Mindful Heart Collective through Allannah Capwell is so needed right now.  To experience their broader perspective can expand your quality of life, and help guide your heart and soul in its right direction.  Everyone can benefit from this outpouring of universal love and knowledge."                ––J. Hardgrove 


It is a great thing when information possessing a high vibration enters into our consciousness or mind and resides there as part of our thinking process. It is an extraordinary thing when we are able to receive those high vibratory thoughts and drop them down into our hearts. They become more than ideas. They become ingrained in our actual essence. Thoughts of self-love become self-love. The idea that we should love the people and creatures we share the world with is transformed into an unbridled love for our world and everyone in it. These are the energetic gifts of the Spiritual Guides who communicate to us each week through an extraordinary person, Allannah Capwell.

           ––A. Metze


The energy that comes through when the Mindful Heart comes in is beautifully loving. It feels so wonderful and uplifing. Very profound, and heart-centered.                                     

           – V. Reece

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The Mindful Heart
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Join the Monthly Subscription Program
  • Connect to Source and experience who you are at the deepest Soul level–that Heart-Felt Center of Being that radiates out around you.

  • Embrace profound change and connect to the Joy and Love that is truly here for us.

  • Know that you are meant to have and experience a life of profound abundance and gratitude. 

  • Be empowered by the transformative wisdom of The Mindful Heart, discover what you came here to be and do.

  • Experience deep presence with others who aspire to know the truth of who they are.

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