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What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.          
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rapid Transformational Therapy &
Embodiment Coaching

Transformational embodiment coaching combined with RTT helps you get clear on your intentions, integrate the change you desire, develop mind-heart coherency, and take actions that move you towards the life you want.

Rapid Transformational Therapy + Embodiment Coaching:

The Most Beneficial Package


Often times, it's not one behavior or a single unconscious belief or simply a conflict between our head and heart that is holding us back––it's a constellation of old pain and beliefs working together to create what feels like an unseen force keeping us from becoming all we can be.

Embodiment Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy combined can give you the transformation in You and support you as you navigate real change and create a flexible map that responds to where you are going.


Maybe you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • You're unable to move forward with a vision for your life.

  • You can't seem to let go the past––move beyond loss.

  • Or perhaps, you know you have the skills, tools and experience to move forward in your work, but feel as if you are being held back by an invisible force.

  • It feels like you'll never meet that one person meant for you.

  • Or, perhaps you are doing what you want but feel like there is still more--more you are being called to do, to experience.

  • Maybe you are simply in a period of deep transformation and seeking deeper support through the process of examining and envisioning what you'd like your life to look like.

  • Or, you are seeking deeper support during a health or healing crisis.


Embodiment Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy combined helps you explore You, experience you, and activate You in greater depth and expansiveness in a nurturing small group community.


We'll look at several dimensions in your life through the lenses of your heart, mind, body and soul to help you embody and express more of you--all of who you can be--by bringing these dimensions into greater physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment and coherency through embodied energy work within your Luminous Energy Field so that you are acting from clear, soul-based intentions.

As a highly intuitive energy guide, I help you achieve more clarity about where you are and what it is you want to experience. And by mirroring your higher, expanded self, I help you re-connect to your own creative power, deep wisdom, and  knowing, so you feel confident and empowered in the changes you make.


You'll define deeper actionable steps appropriate to you and your vision as we work together and you are able to listen more deeply to you--so that you know you are on your path. In distinct RTT sessions, you'll also free yourself of specific limiting patterns and discover underlying beliefs operating in your unconscious mind that are keeping you from moving forward. Together, we'll help you wire in, code in, new beliefs, feelings, actions that support you in the change you seek. 


RTT and Embodiment Coaching. What you receive:

One Discovery Session in which we initially explore your current situation and desires.

Three 90-minute - 120 minute RTT sessions  

Three Customized Gnosis recordings developed from your RTT sessions. 


Four 60-minute Coaching Sessions in between RTT sessions to support the conscious mind in integrating new habits of Being and new feelings or experiences of yourself as you perceive and begin taking actionable steps towards what it is you want.

Weekly group session to support your progress and address any questions.

Guided live and audio meditations to support embodiment.


Targeted brief exercises to help you examine and get clear on what it is you want and how to get there in practical ways, creating a roadmap that sustains you beyond the program.

Individualized short breath work exercises to help you come back to you and focus between sessions.

Your Investment: $1,295.00

(2x Payment plan available)


The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life symbol represents the journey of creation from No-Thing to Everything.

This is the journey we are all here to realize. This is the journey from the experience of personal time to the experience of the timeless, the infinite––feeling ourselves alive and connected to everyone and everything.

When we feel successful, abundant, joyful, and whole on the inside, it starts to show up in our external lives in miraculous ways.


That feeling comes when we are Being all of who we are meant to be, when our mind, body, heart and soul are in alignment, balance, and more coherency. Many call this alignment, purpose. But 'purpose' is not one thing--it is the co-creative and balanced dance of all aspects of our Being in creative expression.

It is the journey of blossoming into fullness––into the truth of who we are: The Flower of Life. We are that opening, that flower expressing from the essence of our Being. Managing the power of choice––with all its practical, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects––is the essence of our lived daily lives.

How we manage choice and relate to ourselves, others, and the work we do in these four areas is not something many of us in our culture are trained to look at in our lives, yet alone embody. Instead, we often make choices in isolated areas based in 'shoulds' and learned expectations and thus don't feel the harmony, the peace or contentment we expect to feel from the choices we make and the goals we reach.

No matter what stage in our lives we are, we can come into greater harmony with ourselves. Often, we simply need support in seeing all the components in relation--in their dynamic movement and flowering in our lives.

Join me and a small group of others to embody the true creativity of your life. 

Note: This opportunity extends over 3.5 months--to accommodate deep integration and the re-visioning it prompts. It can also be extended into a 6 month commitment with more sessions to create change and movement in more than one area of your life. Clients are able to follow up this work (either the 3 or 6 month commitment) with later single RTT or intuitive coaching sessions as desired.

If one can be balanced & harmonious within oneself,
One is clear & aware-
Awake in quietude,
Accurate in action,
Thus, one can respond to the endless changes in the world.

Book of Balance & Harmony, Master Li


What can I say? These sessions with Allannah have been instrumental in changing my life for the better. By helping me to work through past issues, clear them, and thus allow me to truly see the present. Our sessions have allowed me to find new love, improve my health, and happily move forward in both my work and personal life with confidence and joy––and actually do things I wouldn't have otherwise tried. Old habits, unresolved feelings, and subconscious issues have been brought forward, out into the open and into the light, where they could be seen, resolved and released. Thank you, thank you!
           Janice Hardgrove, Musician, Award Winning Baker of Peace, Love & Cupcakes, NY


I was explaining our recent session to a friend, and I told her it was everything I needed but didn't expect.  You brought so many pieces together for me and I am beyond appreciative of that. Thank you so much! It seems every other healer/coach touched on bits and pieces but no one brought us full circle like you were able. Truly grateful...
  Kerri Vammer, Business Consultant and Yoga Studio Owner/Instructor, ND

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Allannah is truly a gifted and intuitive healer. I gained so much clarity and insight during our sessions--in both the hypnosis and coaching sessions. Her gift of opening herself to be a channel for my growth and learning around my career and my perceptions and patterns around money and self-worth have had such a profound effect on me over the past month and a half. I feel and see change happening daily. I am so grateful....
                J.S., PR & Marketing, Board Member, Lean In, Cananda
No matter what stage of life we are in––there are new challenges, new depths and aspirations to navigate as we continue to find
deeper meaning in our lives....

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