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Embodied Consciousness

Allowing Change

I allow myself to receive. I allow myself to Be. I welcome change.

These are transformative times we are in. Everyone is experiencing great change––sometimes at what feels like a pace we are unprepared for.

It is hard sometimes too for us to make sense of the change, to really understand or hear what our Soul and heart wants––especially if we feel we are just waking up to a new deeper sense of our lives. It can throw everything into stark relief in which we suddenly feel our current 'life'––our jobs, our relations, and even our long held desires––no longer fits, isn't aligned with who we are, who we desire to be, who we've come to experience ourselves as. But before you throw everything out the window, thinking you cannot get 'there' from 'here', let me offer you an alternative idea: What if everything is perfect just as it is? What if you could start Being You at a deeper level right now?

It doesn't mean there are not changes you want to make, see, or actions you'll need to follow through on. It simply means you are re-focusing your vision from what you don't want to what you do want, what you want to create so that you can start living that now--not next year or months down the road. It means you can step into creator mode and embody and express the change in powerfully creative ways now.

In one-on-one Embodied Consciousness coaching sessions, you'll get clear on what you want, what your true choices are––choices that come from your creative heart-filled self. As we work through these, you'll learn practices to help keep you focused on taking action from what you want, who you are in your creator self, and not from what you don't want.  The truth is, most of us spend so much time focusing on what we don't want, we never get to what we truly want, we've used up most of our energetic vision and Being in resistance. 

I'm here to help you see how and when you move into conflict within yourself through the feeling mind and resolve that conflict into flow--a creative state of Being in which you feel more joy, confidence and forward motion in your life as you expand more consciously into who and what you truly are. A creative Being.

Know, you are whole just as you are. Know, you can start feeling, experiencing that wholeness Now. You can be the creator Being you truly are. You don't need to heal You––you simply need to start making choices from the You who is already whole and has always been––your authentic Being––and learning to see the ideas, the structures (that's all ideas and beliefs are), that have held you back from expressing all you are, Being all you Already are. Yes. Prior experiences give us many of those limiting ideas, structures, and they were a gift in so many ways, but like an old operating system but we don't have to live from them any longer. We can choose freedom.  We can choose ways of seeing and living our lives.

In individual sessions, you'll get clarity on the life you'd love to live, what your true choices look like, how to create a flexible creative roadmap and keep building that roadmap as you move forward in your life. You'll learn how to create from the person you're becoming rather than from the person predicated on the past, though you'll bring forward all the wisdom of your experience and life. And you'll learn how to identify choices that are not co-creative with the life you love and your higher self.

Know, you are this creative, this powerful, this loved. The universe truly is waiting to support you.

6 Sessions $735
12 Sessions $1,295
Payment plans available.


It has been such an honor to work with Allannah and receive her guidance. Each session allowed me to feel safer to keep going deeper and open to trust more fully – to trust not only myself and my gifts, but also to trust the unfoldment of my life and to know that I am never alone and always receiving support and guidance. She has such a beautiful way about her – gentle yet profoundly clear.

The tools she offered me and the recordings she provided to help me to connect with my own inner knowing and guidance have helped me tremendously to step more fully into my work and feel more confident on my path. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and highly recommend anyone who is curious to say 'yes' to this program. Her way of teaching is so clear and the perfect balance of being both incredibly safe and inviting.
Jennifer Spencer, Sound Healer & Guided Meditation Facilitator of Pause & Expand, Canada


Before my sessions with Allannah, I was feeling stressed about defining the scope of my healing and spiritual work. As soon as Allannah started channeling in our sessions, I could feel a shift. My heart was more open, and I could feel a very loving presence. I was at ease and relaxed. The guides explained that what I was doing in my sessions with clients was actually much more than how I was envisioning it. They compared it to singing an entire scale rather just one note and went on to show me more of my own capacities and skills.  

Because of what I was shown by them, I have easily been able to expand my perspective and awareness, and things are more in flow. I've been adding new things to go deeper into each client’s needs, and this has been an effortless transition.  My intuition is guiding me to things I would have never thought of and people are having profound releases. I am so grateful for what I was shown by the Guides–that they were able to convey to me what it meant for me to ‘play the entire scale’ rather than a single note in my client sessions. 

My sessions with Allannah have been very profound. The energy that comes through when the Guides come in is beautifully loving. Very intense, profound, and heart-centered. Allannah, is also very professional and caring in her sessions. She walked me through breathing to get me centered and present before we began. I've loved the work.

                                                 Valentaya Reece, Vibrational Linguist

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