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The Mindful Heart 

Channeling The Mindful Heart Collective

One’s first connection with Expanded Consciousness can be startling and hard to trust, as the experience goes beyond the physical world, and yet, each and everyone one of us has a vibrational frequency determined by our evolving emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and physical bodies. We are not just physical beings, but energetic beings, and our energetic frequency connects us and opens us up to other dimensions of consciousness that aligns us with our True Self. Whether you believe these other levels of consciousness are archetypal energies speaking through us, or, our Higher Selves connected to Source Consciousness, they are energetic expanded consciousness that can help us navigate the human experience. Allannah's first experiences of hearing Ephraim, her primary guide, were while traveling and during meditation. She is a long time meditator in the tradition of Soto Zen, or "just sitting"–being fully present in the Now without seeking–simply being awake to the present moment. She first thought Ephraim's voice was simply her imagination, but then, Ephraim and others began speaking to her while she traveled, worked, wrote and went about her daily life. They began to assist her in 'seeing', 'feeling' and 'hearing' more deeply into her own life and the nature of Being.  And as the dialogue grew, she sought out guidance from other channelers and spiritual teachers to understand more of her own experiences. Understand, the names given are primarily for human reference to better understand the multidimensional nature of Expanded Awareness.  


Guides are simply part of our multidimensional experience and Source Consciousness, which we all—every one of us—are connected to and can access if we choose to attune ourselves energetically–emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our most common daily experience of Expanded Awareness trying to communicate to us is through intuition and synchronicities—we have a feeling, insight, sudden vision, or gut instinct; or, one or more things suddenly align in a way that is more than coincidental. Channeling is an expanded and open flow of these to the degree that one brings through energetic transmissions. Mediums mostly communicate with those who have 'crossed'; channels act as conduits for a variety of information and spiritual teachings or insights from Source consciousness. Both are showing us, our experience of Being and consciousness are more expansive than we let ourselves acknowledge. And both are natural activities of our awakening humanity. 

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that High Level Guides or Source Consciousness does not take away our spiritual gift of Free Will or Choice; instead, Guides are concerned that we see and experience higher Consciousness so that we can make our own choices and experience the truth of who we are. Free Will is the gift of being human. It is how we take responsibility for who we are. Guides are here to joyously offer love and the energetic insights and wisdom we need to support our Soul’s journey. They help us to better trust and rely on our own inner guidance, to love ourselves more fully, and to help us understand how to become more of who and what we are in our own authentic Soul presence. They understand Being in Human Form as an extremely rare and beautiful opportunity. 

Channeling is a form of communication between humans and Higher Consciousness–or non-physical Expanded Awareness or Source Consciousness. A channel acts as a “conduit” for such higher vibrational communications to come through. You can think of a channel as a transcriber. These communications are able to occur because of the energetic nature of the universe and the shifts currently occurring on the planet for all humans–that we are beginning to truly understand what it means to be energetic rather than merely physical beings, and this awareness changes the nature of reality we can see and experience.  It is part of our conscious evolution. 

Many Channels 'open' through some experience to Expanded or Higher Consciousness. For instance, Allannah is a channel for a multi-dimensional collective–the Mindful Heart Collective. This expanded awareness or Ascended Consciousness achieves connection with her by aligning their energetic frequency with the vibration of her energetic body, and then information flows into consciousness. She often 'hears' their voices along with an intense activation of her throat chakra, and then a voice comes through as a composite of their consciousness. These Guides, or this non-physical Higher Consciousness presence, are simply using Allannah's voice to make available information and guidance from non-physical realms. 


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