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Experience the Profound Impact of
Rapid Transformational Therapy

How We'll Work Together

Be all you can be with joy!

Because RTT is unlike most other therapies, it's important to understand how we'll work together.  First, we’ll start by getting to know each other in a consultation session that lasts 30 minutes. In this session, we'll get clear on what it is you wish to address––what issue, pattern, behavior, change or goal you would like to understand, change, or reach. During this session, I will also advise you if it would be most beneficial for you to engage in more than one session or whether to combine it with coaching for what you’d like to achieve.

Then, we’ll schedule a full RTT session which lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 100 minutes.  In your session, we’ll use the powerful tools of Rapid Transformational Therapy to uncover the stories and beliefs that have held you back, kept you in limitation or in physical dis-ease.  Many times it is never what we think it is, and when it is, we see it and understand it in profoundly new and empowering ways.


Within 36 hours of your full session, you’ll receive a personalized recording to listen to for 24 - 30 days. The recording, based in your desires and language, is essential to any change, for science shows us the mind learns through repetition. Your recording will wire in and solidify the deep transformational change experienced in the session using the powerful proven tools of NLP and transformative language. The recording is literally working not only with your conscious mind, but energetically with your subconscious mind and heart as well. This is where your commitment to change comes into play––listening to the recording faithfully each day.

You can think of the entire process as tending a garden––pulling up the weeds in your session and then tending to and watering the new seeds of growth, inspiration, and behavior planted in your session by listening to the recording.  

Over the three or four weeks, I’ll check in with you to see how you are doing and answer any questions that might arise.  Or, we’ll combine the RTT session with coaching sessions that include brief somatic and energetic exercises to help you integrate the behaviors and change you begin to experience. As an intuitive guide and trained coach, I help you connect with you to create the change you want to see by getting clear on your intentions and desires.

Why Three Sessions?
Having worked with many clients, I have found that unless your issue is simply wanting to focus on a particular skill or specific event, most emotionally-based concerns are a complex of feelings and/or beliefs developed somewhere along the way in childhood or early adulthood.  Attending to only one aspect of an issue will certainly help you improve in the matter, but to give you the fullest benefit to release whatever it is that is blocking you or holding you back from what you want to feel and/or experience, it's better to give yourself the opportunity for true transformation at all levels of your Being--your mind, your heart, your emotions and your energetic body.  Often in the first or second session we get to see what needs to be addressed in a fuller way to give you the greatest freedom. And freedom is what we are all looking for. Know, clients who have already done a package of sessions often return later for an additional session around a new concern, and these, tend to be single sessions. Those who are seeking to address health issues are encouraged to engage both RTT and Coaching together to receive the greatest benefit. For more information on RTT & Coaching click here.

As an intuitive and channel, I love this work––because it brings You so powerfully into the session and process.  So many times, clients are startled by what it is that arises to be released, resolved, re-known, and integrated back into their own deep sense of wholeness and well-being.                

Three Session Package

Whats included:

An initial consulting session of 45 - 60 minutes in which we complete an Intake Form, define exactly what it is you want to look at, address, and then determine if the three-session package is what you need to support you moving forward, or a combination of coaching and RTT.

Three 90 - 120 minute RTT sessions conducted on Skype or Zoom spread over 3 months.

Three customized transformation recordings made just for you.

Follow up emails or short calls to check in and answer any questions that may arise between sessions. 

Three Session Investment: $675


I’ve had two sessions so far with Allannah, and each time I've come away with new insights. She’s a skilled guide in helping you unearth the root cause of issues we struggle with. In both sessions, I gained insights that changed my experience around the issue. The first session was on generally feeling "not good enough", and that one went deep; I cried a lot during the session, and immediately afterwards I felt a bit depleted. But over time, listening to the recording that Allannah made, I started to feel lighter and more willing to extend grace to myself when I felt insecure. It's like a seed of well-being was planted, and it’s been watered each day by listening to the recording--–and now, it's really begun to grow.

The second session was around issues of motivation, and in that one, Allannah guided me to a memory that I absolutely never would have connected to the issue on my own. The insight I gained from that memory and how it affected my life was profound. It was powerful enough that it changed the way I think, feel, and experience my desire and motivation to do something.

I would definitely recommend working with Allannah––she’s a deft guide at getting to the root of issues we struggle with. She’s also simply a calm, kind, warm, and very present human being; I trust her completely.
    Alex Distler, Writer, Painter, New York

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Allannah has a beautifully gentle and tender energy that makes you feel accepted and supported throughout your healing journey. Her healing tools are multi-facetted and she tailors what is needed for you in each moment, in each session, to powerfully guide you through the work you want to do. I loved how we fluidly moved through what was needed to help me release old stuck memories, energies, and emotions. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed work through and heal what no longer serves me, to expand on my own vision, and to clarify where I'm headed and release old beliefs acquired from pain and disappointment. With Allannah, you are in fantastically beautiful and wise hands!
              Jillian MacKay, Nelson, British Columbia

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