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Now, More Than Ever

Introduction: As part of a new series of Journeys into Being, I will be sharing parts, excerpts, of channeled messages from The Mindful Heart. Some will share basic 'Energy 101' insights, information and practices, others will delve deeper into the nature Being and transformation and what is available to us now as we move through this incredible period of transformation on our planet. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest. What is meant for you will be received. In gratitude and love....


"We want to say to you each that now, more than ever, you are being given the opportunity for conscious embodiment––to consciously experience yourself as an energetic Soul Being in and as form, and to know, experience, the expanded nature of your Being beyond form. And we say too, if the word 'Soul' does not 'fit' for you, we say, 'let it go, let it go then... for indeed, you are an energetic Being, expressing as and through form to know oneself in consciousness.'

And for many of you, you understand now the nature of energy, frequency: that those lower energies (and we use 'lower' with no judgment or sense of hierarchy) are more dense, more condensed, and less diffused, than those energies of higher frequency which are less dense and more diffused and bring about a different vibration, tone, feeling-experience, in your Being, your consciousness.

Understand, frequencies, tones, vibrations, are dimensional and you are multidimensional Beings. As you come into the truth of who and what you are, you come into, embody, or Feel a higher vibration, tone, frequency.  We say to you too, you will always embody a certain level of density, for these denser energies are those that sustain you, keep you, in form on your planet, but they need not always be experienced as 'painful', 'fearful' for those are habits of learned conditioning–that this experience is 'fearful', this situation is 'painful', this experience is 'good', 'meaningful', while this is not, etc.. As you begin to be less judgmental of your experiences–and valuing one over another–and see them instead as opportunities for awareness, learning, those learned habits, conditionings, begin to loosen and have less control over how you experience You and the world and the power of your Choice becomes more apparent.

But, you may ask, why is it now beneficial and of import to experience the true nature of yourself as energetic in and as form?

We say to you, you are Being given the unique opportunity to open to the awareness of your energetic body as it exists both as your physical form and is simultaneously more expansive than form. And as you open to this, become consciously aware of your energetic form, you may experience the 'vicissitudes' or 'viscosities' of energy literally moving in waves, energetic ways, within and through your form. And this awareness can gift you with a great deal of creative soul awareness, creative Being, as you may work with these energies through breath, tones, resonance, to release that which has held you back from knowing the truth of who You are and the true nature of your Being.

Many of you want only though to feel those 'higher' vibrations of elation, joy, peace and not the more dense, lower, vibrations of fear, judgment, anger, shame. But we say to you, those lower vibrations, energies, felt in and through areas of your form, and that frequently 'manifest', express, as discomfort, pain, fear, are great resources of elevation, release, and knowing–great areas to reveal oneself to oneself. And in this time period of great transformation on your planet, you are being given the opportunity to consciously know and release these denser energies from your form as they come into conscious awareness.

We say to you, these are the portals, gateways, to your individual freedom, wisdoms.

We ask you, 'Do not push these energies away or go into immediate fear that the body is somehow 'failing'. And in no means either, do we say, to ignore what you call 'medical attention' if you believe that this is what is called for. But we say, even as you seek medical attention, or seek to alleviate discomfort in your physical form, understand that by becoming still, breathing into stillness, and allowing yourself to 'go deep' into your Being, you may breathe through these densities and infuse them with a higher vibration, light, which in turn 'diffuses' those energies coalesced into denser matter that can create blockages, leaks, manifesting or expressing through form as pain, discomfort, even disease, etc..

For those of you who 'see' the energetic form, these areas of densities will frequently appear as dark spots, or bruises, in the energetic body, as a dense still spot or a thick viscosity in movement... Others of you will simply 'feel' these knots of denser energies within your internal feeling experience and as it expresses as form. And as you allow yourselves to Feel into these areas, you can reveal more of yourself to yourself: you can release old memories, traumas, experiences, conditionings and energetic patterns that have kept you from knowing more of the truth of who and what you are. You need only ask, 'Please show me what is here to be released....'

And then trust what is shown to you. Do not refuse it by saying, 'Really....' or saying, 'But oh, I have already dealt with this...' Trust that your Soul, your energetic Being, knows the truth of its own nature beyond separation, for you return to experiences––spiraling deeper and deeper to release at new levels. Go into this feeling and as you know it, know you are larger than this feeling experience–compassionate this part of you. Be tender with yourselves and offer it back to Source. We say to you now, now is the time that there is great opportunity to release so that the new may be embodied.

As you do this––not seeking, not looking for, but 'feeling into'.... you become aware of how both personal and collective energies move through your Being and form. Understand, you will always experience collective energies as you are a part of the collective, but you may consciously release those that no longer align to the truth of who and what you are. You may simply say in resonance, "I release these back to Source with love, ease, and grace...'  And know, as you do so, they are lifted, released, and transmuted back into pure potentiality, for there is no loss of energy, only a transmutation of form, charge.

This, you can say, is the 'alchemy of your Being'...the power and creativity of conscious embodiment.

And as you do so, ask to be shown the 'cause' of their effects, but we also say to you, dear ones, do not go into analysis of the cause. There is no need to get distracted by this, to get 'caught up' in those energies, experiences, situations, and thus further feed them, instead of releasing them. Know they are not the truth of who you are, but rather emotions, e-energies in motion that coalesced and condensed into denser matter in form. Simply see it, know it, and release it. We say to you, 'you will remember' and begin to choose differently as you experience the knowing of the cause. And understand, this knowing, this realization of the cause, comes about through a process of being able to release the old and hold the New. And it is a process for many, as a quick release can throw many of you into a confusion that can cause more chaos than freedom. Trust that the Divine as You is giving you the exact amounts of energies and opportunities for release appropriate for you at any given time.

Understand, as you allow yourself to feel through awareness and release these embodied energies you become more of who you are–a Divinely Human Being. You become more human, for it is in being human, you consciously embody more of the Truth of who you are in and as physical form. For we say to you, this is your opportunity to know ascension or realization through and as form. This is the opportunity you came here for. To love and know yourselves into wholeness. And this is what is occurring on your planet–both individually and collectively. The collective body too is releasing its 'hidden shadow spots'––those areas of the collective body that hold and have held pain, fear, injustice, shame for so long....

Know, now more than ever, you are being given the opportunity to consciously know, experience, and express through embodiment–realization–higher vibrations through and as form. But we ask you, 'Do not judge, suppress, those energies within you that feel dense, that wish to make themselves known to you... Do not judge yourselves.... They are your learning opportunities... Do not fear the movement, for you are being given the opportunity to literally Feel the energies in and through form as they move about in various frequencies, tones, viscosities. For this is how energy comes into matter, form. 

Be kind, tender with yourself. Compassionate yourself by coming back to the truth of who you are in stillness and breathing deeply, and allowing yourself to say, 'I allow myself to receive. I allow myself to open to the truth of who I am... I allow myself to change.... I allow myself to Be.'  And as you do so, ask to be shown what may be released, known, and seen with compassion and unconditional love....

You are this powerful, this creative, this beautiful.... You are this loved...."

The Mindful Heart

To learn more about The Mindful Heart, visit, Mentoring with the Mindful Heart.

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