It's A Nice Rhythm: Chickens & Allowing

For these past three weeks I have been exploring and photographing all the animals on the ranch. I am not a photographer–it’s simply a gift for this opportunity to be here. It’s been a wonderful experience–listening, watching, feeling and being present with the cows, horses, chickens, ducks, the emus, pigs and Llamas.

As it turns out, close-ups of chickens are sometimes hard to photograph–they move a lot. Their heads turn in an almost ‘click-like’ fashion as they eye all that surrounds them. When I began to photograph them, I tried to approach them, slowly–but, of course, they rushed away. I would walk up, then stop, stoop or kneel. And as I did this, they would scurry in flocks to areas of the aviary or chicken barn or hustle themselves into the numerous hutches. I was moving too fast, being too tall, even though I was consciously trying to be slow, fluid.

Still, I was trying to follow them–catch them–if you will, albeit on camera.

As I began to review the first photos I took, I began to ‘see into’ what I was doin