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 The Mindful Heart

Audio Transcripts

It is a great thing when information possessing a high vibration enters into our consciousness or mind and resides there as part of our thinking process.  It is an extraordinary thing when we are able to then take those high vibratory thoughts and drop them down into our hearts. They become more than ideas. They become ingrained in our actual essence. Thoughts of self-love become self-love. The idea that we should love the people and creatures we share the world with is transformed into an unbridled love for our world and everyone in it. These are the energetic gifts of Ephraim and the Guides.... 


–Austin Metze, Designer, and Author of When Life Calls You Out, It’s Usually onto A Highway


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The following transcripts are from channeled group sessions that began in February 2018 in Woodstock, New York and that Allannah continues to offer.

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