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These are challenging times we are living in.  Besides the daily challenges of living, we can also feel disconnected from others and from something larger––a motivation  or passion that connects us to a sense of purpose, love, community, or clarity of direction.   


If you are feeling disconnected, stuck, or are experiencing a major life transition,  know, you are not alone.  These are not only challenging times, but transformative times  as well, and we are all a part of it.  We're changing and a part of that change is acquiring and wanting a deeper sense of who we are, why we are here, and what we are meant to  do.


Know, there are ways to lovingly move through change, connect with, and  open up to your own deeper truth, and ways to embody your authenticity in a fuller expression in all aspects of your life. 

If you are ready to dig deep to reignite your vision  and experience greater connection, self-love, and meaning  in your life while allowing your creativity to call you forward , then join Allannah in private sessions to work through your vision, or join The Mindful Heart to deepen spiritually and navigate your way to expressing the sacred presence of who You are––your unique Soul-Self. 

Know, you can transform your heart, your mind, body, and soul and embrace the truth of your own Being.  You can love your life and the world more deeply. You can Be and express the true

radiance of your Being.


Individual Sessions

I've experienced a remarkable change. It has been life altering. I am so grateful. Thank you so much. Blessings and gratitude... Always. 


 –Ann Shusta, Arizona 


Who Is Allannah Capwell?

Through one-on-one intuitive energy sessions, facilitated groups, or workshop sessions, Allannah and the Mindful Heart guide you into an energetic experience of your own embodied consciousness to develop greater connection with your own intuitive knowing, creative power, and the truth of who You are.  With guidance from the expanded awareness of The Mindful Heart, she assists you in releasing blocks, old beliefs, patterns of inherited expectation, or deeply held fears that keep us from connecting with and living our highest potential. As a spiritual intuitive, Allannah helps you hear Your deepest aspirations and assists you in embodying them through knowing yourself the next steps, the right direction, and the expression of it.

Whether you're a healer, spiritual practitioner or someone wanting to re-envision or connect more deeply to your own life-path and develop greater mind-heart coherence, Allannah and the Mindful Heart seek to assist each and everyone of us in understanding who and what we truly are as spiritual Beings, and how we can live our lives with more joy, more love, certainty, and an expanded awareness of why we are here and how to come to a fuller expression of this in our daily lives.

Working with Allannah

When we change how we feel, we change how we see. When we change how we see, we change how we act. And when we align our actions with who we truly are, we invite in the most amazing experiences… 

Often, in meditation or in ah-ha moments in our lives, we get an energetic glimpse/experience of who we feel ourselves to truly be—our true potential, our largest self. But for many of us, there is a distance between who we experience ourselves internally to be and who we express as in our daily lives. If you are seeking greater self-expression from the deepest soul level—from that heart-felt-center of being that radiates out beyond the body–then Allannah can assist you in connecting with that fuller sense of Being that is compassionate and present to all aspects of our lives. Join her and bring out the fullest expression of who and what you are–with joy, insight, and deep compassion. 

photo by J. Dykstra

Individual Sessions

Work with Allannah individually to reach into and embody the deeper expression of who you are. 

The Mindful Heart

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