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Conscious Embodiment Guide, Channel
& Rapid Tran
sformation Pracitioner

My passion is to help you align to your heart
and express your deepest authenticity
with greater presence, clarity, and joy––
to experience yourself as the creative
and powerful Being you are.

Why chase someone else’s dreams, someone else’s ideas of right and wrong, what you should do, or who you should be
when we are each powerful creators.

Combining energy work, hypnotherapy, embodiment coaching and channeling––I support You in becoming more of who You are through the power of presence,
Your presence.



Individual Sessions

I've experienced a remarkable change after my session. It has been life altering. I am so grateful. Thank you so much. Blessings, always. 


 –Ann Shusta, Arizona 


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Rapid Transformational
Therapy Sessions
& Coaching

Learn about the profoundly beneficial impact of Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT).

Embodied Consciousness

Build a strong foundation for embodiment by learning to listen to your own inner inner guidance as you create the life you desire.

The Mindful Heart
A New Five Week Series:

Remembering Who You
Are in Times of Challenge


Deepen into the truth of who you are, your inner purpose, and join a community awakening to the New Earth.

About Allannah

Allannah has spent years developing workshops for a diverse range of people in incredibly diverse contexts around the world. This has taught her to listen deeply and be highly aware of, sensitive to, the unspoken and the unseen.  With a background in archetypal depth psychology, mediumship, energy work, akashic records work, hypnosis, and more, her focus is to empower you--to help you align with the truth of who You are and bring that into greater expression. As a certified teacher of Presence, she guides you first in Being Present in you, with you, as Presence is the great doorway to awareness.

Her hypnotherapy work learned through Rapid Transformational Therapy focuses on engaging and amplifying the wholeness you already are, so you can more gracefully move into your own powerful expression, manifesting the life of quality and beauty you desire. As creative beings, when we align with who we truly are––and harness our creative insight and power––our lives become more Soul aligned, more energetically alive. For Allannah, it is a deep honor to be able to do this work––to partner with you to open your path more expansively.

Working with Allannah

When we change how we feel, we change how we think, and when we change how we think, we change how we see, and act. And when our actions are aligned with who we truly are, we invite in the most amazing experiences… 

These are challenging and transforming times we live in. But what if this is the time we've all been waiting for and each of us are here now with our specific gifts to share. Many of us too are being called to re-examine our lives––our relationships, our health, our work-life vision, our life-direction. Or, we simply desire relief and clarity from loss, pain, habits, or patterns of limiting beliefs, so we can embrace and embody our fullest Being. I am here to help you embody more of You with greater clarity and assist you in connecting too with your own authentic power.


If you are seeking greater self-expression, presence, from the deepest soul level—from that heart-felt-center of Being that radiates out beyond the body–then allow me to assist you in connecting with that fuller sense of Being that is compassionate and present to all aspects of your life. Know, you can experience yourself as whole, change habits, find connection, and create the life you want. Join me and bring out the fullest expression of who and what you are–with joy, insight, and deep compassion. 

Be the height
the depth.
When we move from our deepest authenticity–with body, mind, and soul–everything becomes easier, clearer.
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