Preparing For Your Session

As soon as there is complete 'knowingness' of something, it will be reflected in your behavior, in your beliefs, and in your reality. 

To Prepare for Your Session

Make sure you give yourself time before your session to allow yourself to become quiet. Sit and breathe deeply and set your intention for the session. A few days prior to the session, Allannah will send you a Zoom link for your call. Please make sure to be on time; sessions will not run past the designated time. During the call, please make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable, private space where you will not be interrupted. Have a glass of water at hand. Remember, we will be working with your questions, so your commitment and openness largely determine what is brought forth, and the clarity and depth of your questions determine the level of insight and empowerment available to unfold during the session. This is Soul inquiry—to gain clarity for your highest good and to help you embrace and be who it is you truly are.


Questions Frequently Brought to Sessions

  • I'm feeling stuck in my work, creativity, or life. What will help me move forward? How can I bring more insight to my situation? 

  • What do I need to look at to express myself more fully, to become more of who I am at the heart level?

  • I'm contemplating a significant transition in my life--how can I move through it with more courage, flow, confidence?

  • What is blocking or preventing me from having a relationship, more friends, a more fulfilling job or clarity of purpose? 

  • How can I navigate a particular situation or a challenging situation in my personal or professional life with more empowerment?  

  • Why am I feeling depressed/disappointed when my life seems ‘together' to others, when I chose this? 

  • How can I let go of this habit/pattern/fear/anger/grief, pain, etc.?

  • I'm experiencing illness–what can I look at emotionally, spiritually, to best help my healing process? What are the emotional aspects of this I need help in healing? 

  • I’ve been meditating for years, but I still feel anxious, tense during the day? How do I bring a more focused calm into my daily life? 

  • I feel like I'm meant to do something more, but I don't know what it is. How can I discover my real purpose?

Please note: A session with Allannah is not a psychic reading.   Allannah is working with you and relaying back information revealed to her from your energetic field and higher self. Authentic soul work does not take away the spiritual gift of your Free Will. Nor does it make specific predictions—another form of taking away your Free Will. Information that is shared is read from a client's energy field, physical presence, voice and emotions. 


Intuitive energy sessions are excellent opportunities to assist you in gaining clarity around actions, fears, choices—they are literally infusing your energetic structure with new frequency or insight, allowing conscious access in the following hours and days to new possibilities, opportunities, and vision. In many traditional therapies, you ‘talk’ about a situation or the confusion or suffering associated around it to gain clarity–all of which is good. But in only talking about or describing the situation, you frequently 're-enscribe' it into the body and the body’s energetic field; so often, no matter how hard you work on concerns, habits, or develop understanding around them, patterns of behavior continue, fears remain buried in the body’s cellular structure, and you experience not freedom and growth but continued suffering. Our work together aims to help you release these old energetic patterns and move towards greater expression of who you truly are by identifying and intrducing new choices, actions, and perspectives into the body so you feel more empowered at the soul level.


Intuitive Energy Sessions are also not meant to replace medical care or diagnosis; however, they can support and compliment any medical attention you may be receiving and help you release underlying emotional tensions and densities that can assist healing and support you as you navigate your healing journey. They help you look at your illness from the spiritual, emotional, and energetic bodies that hold dis-ease. 

Last, during a session, many times only ONE question gets addressed, but through addressing it deeply, insight is shed on multiple areas of your life. A single energetic shift in perspective in one area of your life can have far ranging effects. Insight, release, and new energetic awareness also frequently show up as you integrate the energies in the days following the session. Often, clients find themselves sleeping more, being tired, or wanting to be quiet. Trust your body, your intuition. Listen. Ultimately, this is what this work does—it helps you access your own intuition and higher guidance, and allows you to gain greater connection to your heart-mind.