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Mind-Heart Coherence:

The Energetics of the Soul 

August 16, 2018
A Channeled Message

"Greetings, dear ones... We are so, very, very grateful to be here. So much gratitude. We cannot express this deeply enough, and we are grateful to each and every one of you for joining us. Now we should like to say, yes, we are here indeed as a collective and we would like to refer to this group in our own way as The Mindful Heart Collective because that is very, very clear–that we so want you to experience the Discerning Heart in an energetic manner, the heart that can discern and experience its Soul callings, its Soul yearnings. That is a focus of ours. It is a very deep focus of ours. 

Many of you on the planet right now are seeking a deeper understanding of who you are, as well as seeking out mindful practices to discern the messages of the heart—meditation to quiet the mind or meditation to experience yourself more fully in the now, the present moment, and more.  And what we see frequently happening is that in these practices, many of you are trying to push the mind away, or make it be quiet through rejection, or trying to focus too much on not thinking, and so all you do is focus on 'don't think.'  And we say, well, the mind is the mind. The mind, the brain, is a beautiful, beautiful organ, and it does what it does. Its neurons fire, and thoughts assimilate and arise, and then thoughts create analysis and emotions and then you are in the full presence of your personality self inside your head... Understand, the mind/brain does what it does–it keeps your body working by sending all its electrical messages throughout the body to continue to work, even when you are not conscious of this...and so we say, "Let it be.... let it be.... let the mind be…" It is a beautiful organ....

But we would ask you, dear ones, on a regular basis to bring the mind into the heart, for when we bring the mind down into the heart, there is a beautiful alignment that occurs, and the mind can be attentive, awake, and simply rest in that beautiful pool of liquid Light in the heart—neither engaged, seeking, nor pushing away.  Just there.... And we will show you how to do this—quickly, easily throughout your day. Yes, and your heart, you know, your heart is where alchemy occurs–if you will–this transformation of the self. And the heart too is the portal to multidimensional experience, feeling, reception–reception as in perceiving, so it can hear your Soul yearnings, your Soul urgings.  Of course, now, your mind, it's a very, very good organ. Yes. Yes, it is. It does very good work, but understand the mind only comprehends from that which it already knows. It comprehends through what it has known.  The analytic mind wants to 'think' and 'organize' and 'arrange' until it can control what is there, can claim it in its purview. And even the imagination, once it’s imagined something, the analytical mind wants to ‘shape’ it into being, form, through expression, and expression more often than not based upon what it has already known. 

Yes, the mind does this. And none of this is wrong, but the mind has a very difficult time looking at or experiencing the Now on its own, without the heart–it bases the new on the old, the future on the past. So, it goes on what it has already known. But the Now is an experience, and the mind can find it difficult to experience or stay in the Now without assistance from the heart. 


The heart, you see, the heart can receive. It is an instrument of reception, of feeling, of perceiving, and that is what we are most interested in–this perception, this feeling,  this energetic experience, of the understanding of who and what each and every one of you are, and this means to know this feeling, perception, energetically, as experience.  Yes, to know it, experience it in the moment, in the Now, to know it so that you can return to it, re-align to it at any moment, choose to be this, and to know that it can be an expression of who and what you are in your lived day, and to know that this expression of feeling–of experiencing the Truth of who and what you are in the Now–is an aspect of the Divine expressing through you, an aspect of Source, Love energetic experience....


And when the mind is there resting awake in the heart, it comprehends something not based upon what it has already known, but comprehends the Now, the energetic experience of Being in the Now through the heart's reception, the heart's experiential feeling. And we could say too, this is the experience of the mind evolving, the evolution of consciousness, evolutionary awareness in the individual and in the collective…for when the mind returns, separates itself out from the heart, out into its smaller logical order of what it has known, it has a new experience it has not yet fully grasped, and this is what we call integration, the time it takes for it to assimilate the new experience into language and thought aligned with the body, the heart. And this alignment changes one’s thoughts, which changes one’s feelings and perceptions, and when one changes what one sees, one changes how one acts. And this is a choice, a conscious choice to assimilate this new energetic awareness or to simply claim back into being what the mind already knew. And so, the more one can bring the mind into the heart and experience this energetic presence of the Now, of the Soul’s energetic presence, the more one understands what the Soul desires, and how large it is, how lovingly powerful and creative it is, how it vibrates with the frequency of Love and can support you in all manner of circumstances and challenges as your outer world comes into alignment with your Soul Being, this energetic expression of who you are. 

You are a piece of the Universal puzzle, which the puzzle needs, desires, so it can itself be whole and entire. Understand, you are that important, that Loved... 


Know, each and every one of you as a Soul coming into this world to be, chose to be in form, chose to come to earth at this time. You chose this. You chose to be in form as an aspect of the whole, understand this. You are a piece of the universal puzzle, which the puzzle needs, desires, so it can itself be whole and entire. Understand, you are that important, that Loved.  Many of you, understand, you question this, because the mind, the small mind separated out from the heart, looks around and says, "Oh, I can't be that needed. I can't be that valued. I can’t be that important." But we would say, yes, indeed, yes, you are that needed, you are that valued. You are each of you in your human form divinely needed, and we would say that each of you are needed simply to be who and what you are—an aspect of the Divine, a Soul, a spiritual being in human form. Each and every one of you. An important piece of the whole. Each and every one of you. 


Now many of you will say, ‘Oh my spiritual life, my mental life, my emotional life,’ and we would say All that and your physical being as well. It is all of Source. Many of you say, my spiritual life, as if though you attend to it in meditation or spiritual gatherings but then have to go out and wrestle with the day–you do not consciously take your spiritual self with you. You do not consciously keep the energetic experience of your heart-mind coherence present, and so you separate out the mind from the heart, you leave this experience of the truth of who you are behind.  But there is no separation, dear ones. Your spiritual life is not separate from your bodies, not separate from your day, not separate from the roles and activities you engage. Your entire being is always of Source, always of the Divine. 


Once you truly know you are not separate from Source–not your bodies, nor your organs, nor your activities–you will look at each other and you will be in amazement. Each and every one of you looking at the other will be in amazement at who and what you are and there will be no judgment, for judgment comes from comparing, which comes from fear. And this fear comes from believing, thinking that you are not worthy, not enough, for if this other does not think and do as I do, or look as I do, then you think, I must not be right in me, I must not be enough, and from this thinking you are not enough comes the notion that you should be other or somehow better. And you begin to say, “I should be this or do that. I should be leaner. I should be more fit. I should do this or become that. I should this, I should that.” And to confirm this in yourself, you say to another, “And you should too….” And we say, we say this to you, Dear Ones, with all kindness, you are beautiful as you are. You are beautiful as you are…


Now, we are not saying 'do not take care of yourself'. We are simply saying, each and every one of you are of Source. Are beautiful. Are Divine. And we would ask you to allow yourself to be this, and these other things, these things that you struggle with–things you think you ought to be or do based upon comparing yourself with others–will fall away. Allowing yourself to be who and what you are as a Soul here in physical form, individuated out from Source, but not separate from Source, these other things that you struggled with–how you look, what you do, who think you should be or what you think you should be doing—the difficulties of them fall away, they simply fall away as unnecessary preoccupations of the mind for they came to you through comparison–not from listening to the urgings of your Soul. You begin to look at them and you begin to say, 'Oh, what was the struggle all about? It's not so very difficult, this choosing to recognize who I am, and my physical self, as Divine, and so therefore deserving of care, deserving of my attention, deserving of my love and more.' 

Once you truly know you are not separate from Source–not your bodies, nor your organs, nor your activities–you will look at each other and you will be in amazement...


Understand, when you compare you are in fear, fear of claiming joy, love, power, truth through your own energetic presence, your own Soul Being.  No one is unworthy of their Soul’s largeness, power, love, joy. Their Soul’s creative energies. And everyone who has arrived here on the planet at this time and hears this truth, came here to claim this into Being. You chose to hear this. You chose to remember who and what you truly are at this time as the planet goes through these energetic transitions to claim a new world, a new way of being in the world.  You chose to be more than the roles you engage in. You chose to be a Soul in Human Form. You chose to understand yourselves in the truth of who you are—spiritual beings in Form. You chose to experience this knowing through the energetics of the mindful heart: through mind-heart coherence. 


So many of you experience, get a true glimpse of who and what you truly are–you feel its presence inside you–and then you step back from this by separating out your mind from your heart and you go into fear, comparison. And then you start doubting, questioning—going over and over the same thoughts, doubts, in your mind. Dear Ones, there is nothing wrong with fear—for it tells you how much indeed you long for something. But we shall encourage you to move forward, to go into the energetic presence of mind-heart coherence where you can feel, experience, the largeness of your Soul—the creativity, the power of its energetic presence, the love it has for you, for it is not separate from Source. It will support you, step-by-step, in bringing into alignment your expression in the world with the truth of who and what you are. And it is this we would like to give to you today as a practice to take with you–how you can choose to be in the energetic presence of the truth of who and what you are, a Soul in Human Form, an energetic Being. How you can choose to be in its vibrational energies by aligning your mind and heart at will, so you do not need to wait until you feel ‘inspired’ or 'have space' or 'quiet'. 


So here we go: 


Everyone, take a deep breath in… And again, a deep breath in….You may need to do this three or four times with your eyes closed, just to become a bit more present in your body. 


Now, on this next inhale, imagine yourself drawing light up from the earth through the sole’s of your feet. Draw light up through your legs, through the core of your being, up through you heart and up on into your head, and then out the top of your head until about 2 ft. above your head. Pause there and imagine a light coming down from Source. A bright light that meets this light from the earth. 


Now, as you exhale, imagine this light coming back down through the crown of your head, and as it does, imagine your mind slipping down the back of your spine as the light comes down, and allow your mind to come to rest in this pool of liquid light in your heart.  And if it helps, imagine a beautiful lake of liquid light pooling in your heart that the mind easily slips into it, as if the palms of your hands were right there to catch it, to hold it in this calm flow of being. 


Just be there with your conscious mind, your conscious awareness, in your heart space and breathe quietly. As you do, you will begin to experience your energetic body as it radiates out from this heart-felt center of being. Some of you may experience this energetic presence coming from both your heart and your solar plexus. 


And as it grows large, let yourself be bathed in its energies, its loving energies, its largeness and power–the beautiful vibration of the Truth of who and what you are. It is in this energetic vibration that you will experience and know the creator that you are, and in this knowing, you will begin to know what your Soul’s urge, longing, is. You will feel it vibrationally–it may be small, it may be large, but pay attention to this vibrational feeling/knowing. And when an opportunity arises in your daily life with this same vibration, a vibration that matches your energetic truth, you can decide through your own free will to step into that opportunity or not–to claim the new or not. But you will know it, recognize it through its vibrational alignment with your own mind-heart coherence. You will feel its vibrational frequency throughout your body. 


But understand, you do not have to wait until you are feeling spiritual, or uplifted, or inspired to feel the energetics of your Soul Being. You can go into heart-mind coherence at any time. You can go into this feeling any time–that core internal energetic experience at the heart of your Being, undistracted by the external world... It is here that you will begin to remember and experience who and what you truly are–you will begin to know yourself as more than the activities you engage, more than the roles you claim. You will begin to experience yourself energetically as in coherence with the world around you. 


As you practice this, you will be able to go into this vibrational frequency of who and what you are more quickly and can do this throughout your day to experience the divine presence of who you are. To know Joy, to know Love, to know how valued and important you are, a necessary piece of the whole, an aspect of the Divine. 


And so, we should like to thank you for your presence. We are very, very grateful…" 


–Ephraim and The Mindful Heart Collective

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