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Kerri Vammer, Business Consultant and Yoga Instructor, North Dakota

Individual Coherency Session

"I was explaining our session to a friend, and I told her it was everything I needed but didn't expect.  You brought so many pieces together for me and I am beyond appreciative of that. Thank you so much! It seems every other healer touched on bits and pieces but no one brought us full circle like you were able. Truly grateful..."

Diane Attebury, Deisgner/Artist/Professor, Rosendale, NY

Channeled Group Sessions with The Mindful Heart Collective

"I feel it is no accident or coincidence that the Mindful Heart Collective has entered my life at this time. I am so grateful for this synchronicity, union. During the sessions, I feel a profound connection to a higher good and an opening of my heart–I feel an expansive calmness and peace flowing from/through my heart. The channeling is powerful and filled with love. And the advice/perspective given is accompanied with such great support and love by the Collective through Allannah. She has a true gift in conveying the message.

​The Collective offers me a chance to challenge myself, face my fears, feel the joys and love in this world–through my heart, through a higher source. They are helping me to draw my attention to the positive in my life, and because of that, I feel a profound, yet gentle shifting in my life that is so positive. It is very beautiful. My connection to my higher self is emerging for which I’m so grateful, and I am able to carry this experience into my daily life. Not to say it is always easy, but it is always loving and supportive. What a true gift The Mindful Heart Collective is. Words really do not express the experience.

With the Deepest Gratitude...”

Crystal Dyck, Alberta, Canada

Individual Sessions

"Since we met, I'll be honest–there have been shifts....and ups and downs... It's been an interesting experience to watch myself move through each moment and reflect back with so much awe and love on how far I've come. I've experienced a vision of rebirth, and a new fuller sense of self has come... I am so grateful for the time we've spent together. Our sessions–beautiful, breathable and safe. Thank you, Allannah. With so much love, thank you!"

Jennifer Spencer, PR & Marketing, Board Member, Lean in Canada, Toronto, Canada

Multiple Individual Sessions

"Allannah is truly a gifted and intuitive healer. I gained so much clarity and insight from her during our sessions. Her gift of opening herself to be a channel for my growth and learning around my career and my perceptions and patterns around money have had such a profound effect on me over the past month and a half. I feel and see change happening daily. Allannah’s ability to listen, ask questions and provide a supportive and safe space in our sessions allowed me to reveal key insights that helped me dig deeper into questions I had and identify the blockages that were preventing me from fully moving forward. I was skeptical at first conducting the sessions through Skype, but I can tell you it didn't affect our sessions at all - everything was so clear, it was as if she was right in the room with me! For anyone who is seeking more clarity and direction for specific areas of their life, I highly recommend working with Allannah. She has had such a profound impact on my life, and I am so grateful for all the wisdom and guidance she helped me to bring forward!"

Lainey Perowne, Woodstock, NY

Channeled Group Sessions with The Mindful Heart

"Every session I experience with Allannah and The Mindful Heart Collective brings me to such a profound and knowing place, where my fears, doubts, judgements, and beliefs–all the things that I desperately try to hold onto–dissolve, and I become aware of my connectedness to everyone everywhere in all times, in all places!


More and more I am bringing this feeling-experience home with me and integrating it into my daily perspective, my daily life, and I am so grateful for this help, this deeper knowing, in these extremely challenging times we are living in.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Austin Metze, Designer & Author of "When Life Calls You Out, It's Usually onto A Highway", New York

Group Channeling Sessions

"It is a great thing when information possessing a high vibration enters into our consciousness or mind and resides there as part of our thinking process. It is an extraordinary thing when we are able to receive those high vibratory thoughts and drop them down into our hearts. They become more than ideas. They become ingrained in our actual essence. Thoughts of self-love become self-love. The idea that we should love the people and creatures we share the world with is transformed into an unbridled love for our world and everyone in it. These are the energetic gifts of the Spiritual Guides who communicate to us each week through an extraordinary person, Allannah Capwell."

Janice Hardgrove, Woodstock, New York

Channeled Group Sessions

"The perspective offered by Ephraim and the Mindful Heart Collective through Allannah Capwell is so needed right now.  To experience their broader perspective can expand your quality of life, and help guide your heart and soul in its own right direction.  Everyone can benefit from this outpouring of universal love and knowledge."

Ann Shusta, Arizona

Individual Sessions

"I've experienced a remarkable change following my last session. The day of the session I slept a lot...in the next week after, I was full of energy, and I felt very uplifted. I have been dealing with severe adrenal fatigue for the past year and a half, so it has been such a beautiful change for me to experience the fullness of life again, with energy...it has been life altering. I am so grateful... Thank you so much, Allannah. I have moved 3 times in the last 5 years, and I am starting to get my bearings again now that I have energy back...and I am so excited about making art!  Also, the breathing exercise the guides offered is so beneficial, and it works. I now have something that will help me get out of my head! Blessings and gratitude...Always."

Velentaya Reece, Vibrational Linguist and Visual Effects Artist, New York

Multiple Sessions, Mentoring

"Before my sessions with Allannah, I was feeling stressed about defining the scope of my healing and spiritual work. As soon as Allannah started channeling in our sessions, I could feel a shift. My heart was more open, and I could feel a very loving presence. I was at ease and relaxed. The guides explained that what I was doing in my sessions with clients was actually much more than how I was envisioning it. They compared it to singing an entire scale rather just one note and went on to show me more of my own capacities and skills.  

Because of what I was shown by them, I have easily been able to expand my perspective and awareness, and things are more in flow. I've been adding new things to go deeper into each client’s needs, and this has been an effortless transition.  My intuition is guiding me to things I would have never thought of and people are having profound releases. I am so grateful for what I was shown by the Guides–that they were able to convey to me what it meant for me to ‘play the entire scale’ rather than a single note in my client sessions. 

My sessions with Allannah have been very profound. The energy that comes through when the Guides come in is beautifully loving. It feels so wonderful and loving. Very intense, profound, and heart-centered. Allannah, is also very professional and caring in her sessions. She walked me through breathing to get me centered and present before we began. I've loved the work." 

Jillian MacKay, Nelson, British Columbia

Multiple Individual Sessions

"Allannah has a beautifully gentle and tender energy that makes you feel accepted and supported throughout your healing journey. Her healing tools are multi-facetted and she tailors what is needed for you in each moment to powerfully guide you through your expansion. I loved how we fluidly moved through what was needed...from healing in the chakras to akashic records and then on to channeling powerful wisdom from her guides. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it...to work through and heal what no longer serves me, to expand on my own vision, and to clarify where I'm headed. With Allannah, you are in fantastically beautiful and wise hands!"

Jenny Swing, Maine

Individual Sessions

"I am really amazed . . . I believe we shifted the energies a lot for me in our session. I have had such a different experience of being with T.. You helped me start a snowball rolling that can't be stopped. Something is finally definitely different and it is a game changer. THANK YOU SO MUCH! My work with my second chakra as the guides showed me will continue, as well as work with overall emotional and energetic shifting! It feels like something new lies ahead that I can actually feel . . . SO MUCH LOVE to YOU!!!!"

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