Mind-Heart Coherency

Private Sessions

“What is exciting is helping people experience their authentic soul-self—because the energies of that authenticity ground vision, strength, and the inspiration and focus to create real change.” 

–Allannah Capwell

 A private session is an intimate, confidential, and loving experience. Through mind, heart, and body integration, you gain a deeper perspective around your question, concern or circumstances so you can move forward with love and empowerment as you connect more deeply with the authenticity of who you are and what you want to achieve. 


Mind-Heart Coherency sessions give you the supportive space to explore the vision you have of yourself and then identify and release limiting beliefs, fears, and emotional patterns that no longer serve you and may be holding you back from moving forward in your work, creativity, finances, relationships; or, may be preventing you from experiencing a deeper sense of your own spiritual well-being.


In our work together, you'll have the opportunity to move beyond patterns that keep you from stepping into a fuller sense of yourself. And as you achieve clarity, you'll also receive practical guidance, energy healing exercises, and specific actions you can take to further ground yourself in the energetics of your authentic self

Many clients experience radical shifts in feeling and perception after 3-5 sessions; some, huge leaps after just one. In the weeks and days following sessions, clients frequently experience a deeper sense of well-being, calm, focus, and direction. Some release illness or pain they’ve been carrying in their bodies as they work the healing exercises offered. Nearly everyone reports feeling much more heart-connected, newly empowered, and embracing inspired action with greater clarity, purpose, and joy.  


Know, sessions are, in every way, compassionate opportunities to receive support; to claim and integrate unexpressed parts of yourself, and to fully fully embody the life you are meant to live.

A Single 70 - 80 minute Session: $150. Special: $135. 

A Package of 3-5 Sessions
3 Sessions for $400. 
Special: $375.
5 Sessions for $625. 
Special: $580.



When your mind is in alignment with your heart, what is achieved is the expression of a discerning heart, a heart that can receive, perceive, and know in a deeper, multi-sensory way. Understand, when you allow this expression of Being, you experience energetically everything you already are and can be.  You are that creative...that powerful.     

                                                                                             –The Mindful Heart

Mind-Heart Coherency  Sessions: Introduction

Allannah is truly a gifted and intuitive healer. I gained so much clarity and insight from her during our sessions. Her gift of opening herself to be a channel for my growth and learning around my career... had such a profound effect on me over the past month and a half. I feel and see change happening daily.

                                                                                                        –J. Spencer

It's been an interesting experience to watch myself move through each moment and reflect back with so much awe and love on how far I've come. I've experienced a vision of rebirth, and a new fuller sense of self has come... I am so grateful for the time we've spent together. Our sessions–beautiful, breathable and safe. Thank you, Allannah. With so much love, thank you!

                                                                      –C. Dyck

This is amazing work you are doing, Allannah!  I was soooo blown away by the results! I struggled with certain emotions for 2-3 years, and after one session, not only did I experience  change, but things showed up I thought I had lost for good... Thank you!!    

                                         –J. Hardgrove

* You'll receive a recording of each session so you can listen to it multiple times to further deepen your experience and understanding. 

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