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Confident Abundant You

Are you struggling to move from point A to point B? Maybe you know what you want and you know you can do it, but somehow feel held back by forces or energies you can’t define?  Or, maybe you find yourself having an overload of negative self-talk, doubt, and fear and can’t seem to move through it, beyond it? Or, maybe you can't separate what you desire and what you believe in your mind is expected of you.

Know, you're not alone.


We can know consciously we are confident, deserving, smart enough, and still not be able to take the steps we need, or say with confidence what we know, or act on what we know.


But you can change all that. All of it.  You can move forward with more ease, grace, and assurance in your life.You can have confidence that is authentic to you.

But first, we need to understand that Confidence is so much more than just having the will, the enthusiasm to speak or show up, go for something you want, or tackle challenges with determination.

Authentic confidence is a constellation of qualities, behaviors, beliefs, and feelings we have about ourselves, others, and what we do––how we see ourselves in the world.

Authentic confidence involves Being and Expressing our most authentic self––and feeling safe, joyful, and valued as we do so.

Many of us have trained ourselves to look confident, act confident, but still inside there’s a nagging doubt, fear, and an overwhelming unconscious amount of negative self-talk, a gnawing feeling that somehow we are still not enough.


We don’t yet feel that self-empowerment we long for. And that’s because our bodies, our subconscious minds, and our hearts are not in alignment with what we want to do, create, or be.

Did you know that research shows that over 70% of most people’s internal self-talk is negative? And not only that, we say the same things to ourselves day after day, month after month.

How we describe ourselves to ourselves is one of the most powerful forces for change in our lives.
With so much background, unconscious and negative self-chatter, no wonder we can achieve something and then lose it, or almost achieve it but sabotage ourselves just before we reach our goal or achieve all we can. Or, no wonder so many of us never allow ourselves to get past the dreaming, imagining, stage––where it’s safe to feel the success in potential but not in actuality. No wonder so many of us focus on the problem, or the thing that is holding us back, instead of focusing on ourselves and the actual changes and steps we need to make.

When you are engaging your own Authentic Confidence Blueprint––instead of all the 'shoulds' or expectations you’ve learned from others––your family, culture, education, etc..––you eliminate the nagging self-talk, the masquerade of courage and bravado, and speak and act from a deeper sense of the truth of who you are.


Each of the areas below operates within us in both the conscious and subconscious mind in a variety of ways we don’t suspect, see, or we may not even identify with, but they can actually hold us back and undermine consistent, confident, open movement in our lives if we are not fully aware of, and aligned with them in positive and supportive ways, and, in the unique ways that empower us:


  • Self-Confidence

  • Being Enough

  • Self-Esteem  (And getting over perfectionism)

  • Self-Acceptance (And forgiveness as part of this)

  • Fear of Change

  • An Attitude of Gratitude

Your Authentic Abundant You
This 9 week transformational program will help You discover the areas in your Authenticity Blueprint that are holding you back or not totally integrated into your current expression and desires and re-wire them so that All of You can show up.

In each session, you’ll focus on an aspect of your Authentic Abundant You:


You’ll identify and break down limiting beliefs and dissolve patterns in that area that are operating at the subconscious level as a result of past experiences, family patterns, traumas, or limiting beliefs.   


You’ll shift disempowering or debilitating doubts and fears and negative self-talk into positive and empowering emotions to help you make core level changes in your daily life to move you into the expression of who you truly are.

In individual RTT sessions with Allannah, you’ll eliminate and erase subconscious beliefs that are operating below the conscious mind and no longer serving you and replace them with the beliefs that empower you.

As part of a small intimate group, you’ll have weekly paired accountability conversations.

You'll receive reflective worksheets to help you focus and reflect on the areas of your confidence blue print that want your attention.

You’ll see and learn how to embrace the change you want to see and begin to define and take real step-by-step action-steps to develop inspiring, authentic motivation and momentum.

And, you’ll develop a flexible road map for change beyond the workshop.

Self-doubt, negative self-talk, perfectionism, feeling not enough, self-sabotage are all symptoms of inauthenticity—of not feeling enough just as we are, of not being aligned with what we truly want in multiple aspects of our Being, and then following the steps that will get us there.
Being authentic is accepting, anchoring, and authoring into embodiment who we are––each of us individually––and speaking and acting from our own deep coherency, as we integrate mind, body, heart and soul into a single expression.

The Benefits You’ll Receive from joining our next Confidence Blueprint Workshop:


  • Understand More Clearly What You Want

  • Create a More Positive Subconscious Mindset

  • Take Daily Transformative Action-Steps

  • Grow Your Spirituality

  • Enhance Self Love/ Self Esteem/ Confidence

  • Allow Yourself to Receive

  • Develop More Trust in Your Intuition 

  • Develop a More Positive Self Image

  • Build Stronger Healthy Boundaries

  • Begin to Embrace Change More Easily

  • Identify Healthier Coping Skills Unique to You

  • Recognize more quickly when you are being inauthentic to you!

When you are engaging your own unique Confidence Blueprint––instead of all the 'shoulds' or expectations you’ve learned from others––you eliminate the nagging self-talk, the masquerade of courage and bravado, and speak and act from a deeper sense of the truth of who you are, while loving your authentic connectedness and interdependence with others.
What does your Confidence Blueprint look like?
Join Us and Discover What It Can Be.

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